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No Bolan, No T.Rex!

Dear Marc Bolan fan,
Dear Homepage owner,

- If you think, "Marc Bolan" equals "T.REX" ...

- If your opinion is: when Marc Bolan died, T.Rex died ...

- If you don't like to find CD's / DVD's or other products in a shop
labelled "T.REX", but do not include Marc Bolan personally

- If you agree with us, no band without Marc Bolan should go on using the
original name "T.REX" .

- if you feel, such a band does NOT help, but DESTROY the legacy of Marc Bolan...

- if you feel, a tribute band should only go with a tribute-name ...
Then maybe you would like to join our campaign "NO BOLAN NO T.REX"
you maybe like to include our badge on your site

We are starting this campaign, because we want to let your
homepage visitors know::

- "It's a Marc Bolan T.Rex site"

- not a support for a "collaboration of Christie- Smokie-
and small time T. Rex-members" using Marc's name in their publicity

Please feel free to use the LOGO for your site (gif)

Jörg Günther

(Jörg Günther is not connected with Marc